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Learn Chinese Online and with Mobile Apps · ChinesePod


Learn Mandarin Chinese online or with mobile iOS and Android apps. Try 1000's of our award-winning lessons, engage with our vibrant community, study with our teachers and...

  227,099   $ 22,680.00

Free Online Pronunciation Guides with Instant Sound: English + 9 Languages


Pronunciation guides + online dictionary for English and 9 other languages with instant mouseover sound, completely free online: pronunciation guides are provided for English (7...

  518,459   $ 1,440.00



  138,481   $ 49,800.00 - Aprender chino y descubrir China


Portal sobre China y idioma chino. Cursos de mandarín, diccionario español, traducción de nombres, cultura, caligrafía, pintura, música,...

  140,858   $ 48,600.00 - Apprendre le Chinois, découvrir la Chine.


Portail d'informations sur la Chine, sa langue et sa culture. Méthode de chinois en ligne, cours de mandarin, dictionnaire chinois français, traduction de...

  241,747   $ 21,060.00

Learn Chinese - Clear and Easy Mandarin Lessons


All you need to learn Chinese online for free. Mandarin lessons, dictionary, mp3, forum and much more.

  477,464   $ 5,040.00

Pinyin Joe's Chinese Computing Help Desk - Windows, Ubuntu Linux,...


User-friendly advice on MS Windows, Ubuntu Linux and smartphone Chinese setup, Chinese input methods (IME), Chinese fonts and Chinese Language Packs (MUIs), plus free downloads...

  649,106   $ 1,200.00

InputKing online IME - type your language on any computer


With this free tool, you can input Chinese (both simplified character and traditional character), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian languages, Russian, Danish accents, Dutch...

  1,335,007   $ 1,285.42

Virtual Keyboards for All Languages


Write in your language wherever you may be with the best online keyboards on the web. Unicode character picker (character map), Virtual Keyboards, IMEs, Converters, ...

  64,965   $ 128,160.00



  52,855   $ 156,960.00

Learn Chinese 24 Hours Online - ChineseHour


ChineseHour is your first place to learn Chinese online with one-on-one instant tutoring, diverse courses, and native Chinese teachers.

  1,117,680   $ 1,534.90

Instant Chinese Dictionary and Translator - Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese


Instant Chinese-English dictionary for Windows. Just point and see over 105,000 Chinese entries with names, idioms and slang

  2,175,051   $ 788.83

Learn Mandarin Chinese | Learn Chinese Characters and Words | Chinese Lessons...


Learn Chinese characters, Chinese words, pinyin, pronunciation and more with an adaptive learning system. HSK preparation.

  352,018   $ 14,580.00

World of Tea | Well-researched tea information


Spreading well-researched tea information since 2009. Currently writing a practical guide to tea and tea preparation.

  829,850   $ 2,756.16

MandarinSpot - Online Dictionary and Annotations for Chinese Web


MandarinSpot provides online tools for Chinese text.

  610,096   $ 3,748.14

Free Online Learning Chinese Pinyin|Mandarin|


This site contains animated libraries of the phonetic sounds of Chinese Mandarin Pinyin. Available for each initial and final is an Animated Articulatory Diagram, a step-by-step...

  3,129,496   $ 548.86

Learn Chinese Songs


Learn Chinese in a Fun Way!

  21,072,058   $ 8.95

Sing K Lyrics | Pinyin Lyrics for Chinese K Songs


Sharing the latest pinyin and chinese lyrics with KTV videos, chart and playlist.

  1,287,725   $ 1,330.56

iLyrics Buzz - Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English Lyrics


iLyrics Buzz provides you the latest lyrics in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. It also provides you Romanization, Pinyin, English Translation Lyrics, Music Video and more

  53,248   $ 160,030.08

LINE Dictionary


Chinese Dictionary with Pinyin & Handwriting Recognition. View stroke orders for each character too!

  349,500   $ 13,083.84